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Mr. Tejomay Saha

  Career Acceleration Coach 

I am Tejomay Saha, with over 9 years of industry experience and 4 years specializing in Career Coaching.

In 2022, I was honoured with two consecutive awards recognizing my commitment to the core values of the organization, intrinsic dignity, and exceptional leadership skills.

I had the privilege of being featured in a community of over 9,000 working professionals, where I imparted knowledge on AI Prompt engineering.

On LinkedIn, I am followed by more than 7,000 professionals who learn from my insights and expertise.

In 2023, I delivered a session of my career transformation Session in Pune, addressing over 200 industry leaders and working professionals.

Throughout my career, I've mentored over 1,000 professionals both nationally and internationally.

From my career alone, I've successfully achieved a salary increase amounting to 40+ Lakhs. I am eager to share my step-by-step ICM Formula in my Career Mastery Masterclass.

Everyone, regardless of their career stage or domain, can acquire the knowledge to achieve remarkable success in their professional lives.

I've witnessed many individuals, even those with substantial experience, struggle with career growth and job satisfaction. This inspired me to embark on a mission: to assist working professionals by sharing my tried-and-true strategy, enabling them to master their careers.

Start your journey here to supercharge your career growth and lead a life free from professional regrets.

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Mr. Tejomay Saha

Career Acceleration Coach



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